Why spend the dollars it takes to be a member of the Colorado Solid Waste Association of North America (CO SWANA) Rocky Mountain Chapter? Certainly the issue of joining a professional association is critical and should not be dismissed without careful consideration. Membership in professional associations can have highly positive impacts on your ability to weather a job related storm. While there is good rationale for professional association membership, the following are some good reasons to consider when making the decision to join CO SWANA.

  • Professional Development: SWANA National and CO SWANA both offer professional development via courses, certifications, trainings, workshops, publications, and information. It also keeps members up-to-date on industry trends and offers suggestions on how to deal with them.
  • Networking: CO SWANA has in person trainings and an annual conference. This is an opportunity for you to mix and mingle with others in the field in both professional and leisure settings. This is also an opportunity to view cutting edge products and services available for the industry. The occasions to network are second-to-none and, for that alone, membership is certainly worth the cost of dues.
  • Scholarships: Available to all members, scholarships are offered through CO SWANA.
  • Jobs: CO SWANA many times posts job listings that other members may be offering.
  • Mentoring: This may be the cornerstone of many professional organizations. To have the opportunity to get in the room with someone at the top of the solid waste field for a very long time is invaluable.

It is beneficial that any industry professionals join professional associations. However, if you do join, participate and get involved! In the end, the solid waste and recycling industry advances only when its members are active participants in the process and the associations that support them.