Colorado SWANA Research Program

Procedures and Qualification Requirements

The Colorado Rocky Mountain SWANA Chapter has a Research Program to fund projects that further innovation, efficiency and sustainability in the field of solid waste management. Applications will be considered on an annual basis, but not necessarily awarded every year.

Research may be material or technology-specific, or it may focus on policy or programmatic issues. It may include non-operational research, feasibility or pilot studies. Funding shall not be used for capital improvements, construction, on-going operations, or maintenance.

The maximum funding awarded through the Research Grant Program in any one year may be $7,500, but shall not exceed 15% of the Chapter’s combined checking and savings account balances. Program funds may be allocated as progress payments in response to invoices submitted by the applicant and approved by the SWANA Board of Directors. Typically this will be on a monthly or every other month basis. Payments may be on a time and materials or lump sum basis at the discretion of the Board, and invoices shall be structured to allow verification of expenditures.

Basis For Selection
The Minimum Criteria for Research Grant funding by Colorado SWANA includes:

  • Applicant’s Project Manager must be a current member of SWANA in good standing
  • Research shall be supportive of SWANA’s mission to advance the practice of environmentally and economically sound municipal solid waste management
  • Research shall directly benefit the solid waste management industry at least regionally (defined for this purpose as at least 3 Colorado counties)

Other factors that may be considered in the selection for an individual award are:

  • Research application provides both environmental and economic benefit or sustainability to solid waste management in Colorado
  • Partnership in the research by other public, non-profit entities and for-profit entities
  • Matching funding from the applicant, partners or other sources

Application Requirements
Applications shall include, but not be limited to, the requirements listed below. Applications shall be typed and submitted electronically to the current Colorado SWANA President. If supporting documents cannot be e-mailed, 6 hard copies shall be printed for receipt by the President no later than June 1st of each year. All printing shall be double-sided and on recycled-content paper.

Applications shall specifically include:

    1. General description – including:
      • Need and necessity
      • Likely benefits
      • Who will benefit
      • How applicant will share the outcomes and facilitate benefits to the three-county region or beyond (how information will be disseminated, training or presentations given, etc.).
    2. Description of project activities – including:
      • Schedule – shall not exceed 12 months, except with explicit approval of the Board
      • Progress reports and project submittals to Colorado SWANA – that identifies completion of proposed activities and justifies payments.

It is a standard requirement for any successful applicant that a presentation of the completed project will be made at the Colorado SWANA Annual Meeting following the fiscal year in which the project is completed. The meeting is typically held in late September or early October. It is also a standard requirement for any successful applicant that an article will be prepared summarizing the results of the project for insertion into the next newsletter.

  1. Description of applicant and each partner (if any) – describing:
    • Applicant’s legal status
    • How the applicant is qualified to conduct the research
    • Identify all members of the applicant’s team
    • Provide full contact information for the applicant’s project manager, and individual responsible for financial aspects of the project, if different than the project manager. Contact information must include the project manager’s membership number.
  2. Cost of overall research – and funding requested from Colorado SWANA.

Applications for each fiscal year (beginning October 1st) shall be accepted through June 1st of each year. Applications shall be reviewed by the Colorado SWANA Board of Directors. The Directors may request additional information and/or an interview with the applicant and any partners prior to selection.

Applicants will be notified no later than September 1st if a selection is made for the following fiscal year. The applicant will enter into a standard contract with Colorado SWANA upon selection.

Award Selection
The Colorado SWANA Board of Directors shall review all applications and determine if each is responsive in accordance with the Application Requirements section above. Each responsive application will be ranked as noted below. A two-thirds vote for award selection is required. When a two-thirds supporting vote does not occur, no selection will be made for the fiscal year.

The following criteria will be used by the Colorado SWANA Board of Directors to rank each responsive application.



Minimum Criteria No points – must comply with
all Minimum Criteria to be responsive
Extent of Benefits
Extent of both environmental and economic benefits 20%
How well benefits will be shared with receiving parties 10%
Receiving parties beyond 3-county area 15%
Qualifications of Applicant 10%
Project Partnerships
Extent of partnerships 10%
Other funding 10%
Ability to be fully complete by Annual Meeting 10%
To be determined by Board of Directors 15%


Any questions shall be addressed to the President of Colorado SWANA.